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Nike Trading Italy

Established in 1998, Nike Trading Italy is the European leader in the Distribution of Original Mobile Accessories. Since the beginning the company primary goal is to serve actual needs of customers in real time, foreseeing market trends. On top of an unparalleled products range, Customer Services include marketing and display solutions tailored to customers, direct access to our IPS 3P (for customers) and IPS 4B (for strategic partners) management systems. In 2005 NIKE TRADING ITALY founds INTEPAS Deutschland near Frankfurt, becoming a global player in the distribution of a complete range of ACCESSORIES of all brands. With a global revenue of almost 30 million euros, the group is among the most active of the European market. The brands we distribute and sell are Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Nokia, Plantronics, Parrot, Adidas, Gear4, Itskins, Xqisit and many others. We believe that our success is deeply tied to that of our customers. For this reason Nike Trading Italy has always kept its independence from vendors policies, thus promoting only products really wanted from the market and helping the success of customers. Nike Trading Italy with over 2,500 active customers regularly served on the national territory through a widespread sales network, maintains its identity of a company careful to market evolution and trends. Our customers have always been our first partners, the primary inspiration of our constant search for innovative products and solutions.
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